Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I wanted to create this gift guide for you all in case you are stumped trying to think of some things to get your mom or grandma this year. With the current situation going on with COVID-19, my goal was to give you some ideas that are super affordable and that would ship in a short-time frame, and I did just that! Everything in this gift guide is all under $50 from Amazon since they have the free 2-day shipping.

  1. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet: super lightweight, adjustable bracelet that can help calm your emotions, relieve any tension or stress, help with sleep, and perfect for those aromatherapy fans out there. Just add a couple drops onto the felt pad and you’re good to go! The pads are washable so you can reuse those pads with another essential oil of your choice. There are 3 different bracelet color options that you can choose from and it’s under $20!
  2. Charcuterie Board: this super cute cheese board and knife set is the perfect platter serving tray for any parties or events that you or your loved ones may be hosting one day. Along the outer rim of the board is where you place your favorite kind of crackers and your favorite cheese and meats go right on top! There is a pull-out drawer on the side that holds all of your knives! Not only is this a perfect Mother’s Day gift, but also would be a great wedding gift as well. Only $49.99!
  3. I love you mom necklace: we all know our moms and grandmas LOVE jewelry, especially if it’s coming from you. This one is the heart-shaped necklace that says ‘I love you mom’ on one side of the heart and the other side has mini diamonds. The heart diamond in the center comes in a bunch of different colors and it’s only $24.99.
  4. 6-Hook Countertop Wine Glass Holder: this wine glass holder is such a cute and chic-looking piece to spruce up your countertops in your kitchen or on your wet bar. I just love how it has such an elegant touch to it. There are 3 different color options: silver, copper, & black, and it’s under $20.
  5. Cute Mom Bracelet: this is just another cute jewelry piece that your moms or grandmas would love to have. It’s an adjustable, stainless steel bracelet where you can choose the saying that you want to be on the inside. They have so many cute ones on there, any of them would be will make your mom’s day! And the best part is that it’s under $20!
  6. Soft Plush Fleece Indoor/Outdoor Slippers: you guys! I have a pair of these slippers and let me tell you how freaking soft they are. I usually just wear them inside the house to keep my feet warm and cozy, but I have definitely gone and got the mail in them and they are perfectly fine. They have the hard sole on the bottom, which allows them to be worn outside. They come in a bunch of different colors and they are under $25! Highly recommend these!
  7. 12 oz. Mom Sippy Cup: this is the perfect cup for my on-the-go mommas or grandmas out there that love to have their morning cup of coffee stay warm while they’re running around getting errands done or on their way to work. It’s also perfect for the mommas out there that want to enjoy their favorite glass of wine while sitting outside with their families at a family gathering. Either way, it’s the perfect sippy cup for all you mommas out there, ha-ha! It comes in 6 different colors, so you’re bound to find the color perfect for her AND the best part, it’s only $12.99!
  8. Lavender & Rosemary at-Home Spa Kit: I know many of us have hardworking moms that go to work, pick up the kiddos up from school, slave over the stove cooking dinner, help the kiddos do their homework, getting everyone ready for bed, and starting over the next day. Reward your mommas with this at home spa kit for her to have her own personal self-care day. This set comes with some bath bombs, bath salt, body scrub, shower gel, body lotion, bubble bath soap, and much more! It’s a lavender scent which helps calm the mind and relieve stress and tension. It’s a 13-piece set for $24.99!
  9. Flannel Fleece Blanket: In my house, I can’t even count how many blankets I have in my baskets. I am a sucker for anything soft so when I was having a lazy day on the couch, a lightbulb went off in my head. I know my mom loves snuggling up on the couch with a blanket as much as I do, so I figured this would be a great gift option. There are 4 different sizes to choose from and 21 different color options as well, so the perfect one for your mom is there! For the queen size, it’s just under $30.
  10. Mother/Daughter Necklace: here is another necklace option you can get for your mom. It’s the sterling silver, two interlocking infinity double circles necklace, which represents the love between a mother and a daughter is forever! I thought was just such a sweet gift idea that could bring so much joy to your mom! Just under $40.
  11. 4-Pack of Candles: anyone else’s mom a huge fan of candles like mine? These candles are in the prettiest containers ever!! The 4 scents of these candles are gardenia, lavender, jasmine and vanilla, and natural soy. This 4-pack is only $16.99 and there are two other options of 4-packs where you can pick the designs of the containers. Such a cute and easy gift idea!
  12. Electric Wine Opener Set: Last but not least is this electric wine opener set. It comes with 4 extra batteries, a charger, a foil cutter, the spout that makes wine pour better, the giftbox itself, and the cork to keep your wine fresh. I have the good ole manual wine bottle opener and boy oh boy, would I rather have this electric one, and I think my mom would too, ha-ha! This set is only $30.97, which is such an affordable price!

That is it for my 2020 Mother’s Day gift guide! I hope this guide was helpful for you guys in finding the perfect gift ideas for your mommas! Like I mentioned above, I wanted find gift ideas that would be as affordable as possible with the difficult times we’re currently in. Let me know if you end up getting any of these for your mom, I would love to know how much she loved these products.

Everything is linked in this blog post, in the ‘Shop my Instagram’ under the shop tab, or you can click the icon in the top left corner of my website! Happy Mother’s Day 😊